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Fever persisting for long duration is often mistaken as viral fever. It is usually accompanied by sore throat, rise in body temperature, headache and body aches. People with LOWERED VITALITY catches it easily and similar complaints arises in case of weather change. As said PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, here are a few of preventive measures-

  • WEAR clothes according to weather especially in case of weather change.
  • AVOID cold water or drinks after physical workout.
  • DO NOT eat warm food after cold eatables.
  • DO NOT enter air conditioned room after physical exercises.
  • LOWERED VITALITY due to excessive allopathic over drugging.

If in case, prevention failed then here is a list of few homoeopathic medicines which can cure the ailment-

  • Allium Cepa ( running nose, watery eyes)
  • Belladona (pain in the throat)
  • Rhustox (cough, body aches)
  • Ars (dysphagia, fever, dryness of mouth)

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