Kidney stones

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Kidney stones or renal calculus patients are found in every next house. Do you think such problems were so common back then? They were not! People ate half and walked double. It’s all in your plate.

What you eat is what you become. Your diet should be multi nutritional. Your body can’t dwell on one vitamin or one mineral. It needs everything but in a required amount, neither less nor more. Here’s a guide for what all you should eat if you are prone to stones-

  1. Vegetables, Carrots, bitter gourd – Rich in minerals, act as stone inhibitors.
  2. Fruits and juices, Coconut Water – High in K & Mg, prevents stone formation
  3. BANANAS – Rich in Vitamin B6,breaks down oxalic acid, prevents stone formation
  4. LEMON – Rich in citrates, prevents Calcium oxalate stones.
  5. PINEAPPLE JUICE – Enzymes break down fibrins, prevents renal stone formation.
  6. Fibers- BARLEY OATS- Rich in Mg, prevents stone formation.
  7. ALMONDS – Rich in K & Mg, act as stone inhibitors.

As said- Prevention is better than cure. Here’s a list of things you should avoid-

  • Vegetables- TOMATO,SPINACH- High oxalate content, lead to urinary stones
  • CAULIFLOWER,BRINJAL,MUSHROOM- High uric acid, causes stone formation
  • Fruits and juices- GRAPES- High oxalate content, lead to urinary stones
  • CUSTARD APPLE- Has high uric acid, causes stone formation
  • Non vegetarian- MUTTON, CHICKEN, FISH, EGG- High uric acid causes stone formation
  • Others- CASHEW NUTS – High oxalate content, leads to urinary stones
  • CHOCOLATE/COCOA- High oxalate content lead to urinary stones.

Your food will decide your health and obviously not your overall health because your thoughts are the master. In case of any type of stones, drinking water is must. These can be avoided and if they can be, they should be avoided.

Now let’s jump to what homoeopathy has for you-

  • Pareira brava
  • Berberis vulgaris
  • Nux Vomica
  • Lycopodium
  • Belladona
  • Cantharis
  • Ocimum can

and many more, do meet us if suffering from the same. Stay healthy.

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