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Loosing weight is not about physical will , its about mental will.

Inculcate some habits in your life for your daily dose of fitness-

  • Drink lukewarm water on empty stomach
  • Eat to digest
  • Eat only few mouthfuls and try to eat less than what you desire for.
  • Eat frequently but lesser in amount.
  • Most importantly don’t be the slave of your body, be the master and only you can command it to work accordingly.
  • Reward your liver for metabolizing the fat with some citric fruits, adding few drops of lemon to the daily dose of lukewarm water.
  • Don’t let stress of any type affect your health, get your counselling done today.
  • Its all about the habits you inculcate, cycle to your workplace once a week or go for a long walk or trekking once a week.
  • Say no to vehicles for a short distance, a small walk is what your body needs daily.
  • Your mental health is manifested by your physical health.
  • Switch from a sedentary lifestyle to a healthier one.
  • Give your body the required hours of sleep
  • A medicine is only different from a drug in its dosage and so does type of food you eat, drinks you have.
  • Make your diet multi nutritional-eat different type of food daily.
  • Goal of an individual is not to be slim or to be fat, it is to be healthy, you’ll automatically be in shape.

Make these ur habits and you’ll never have to restrict yourself.

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