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Do you know that every fear and every stress has an impact on you which is visible to us as signs and symptoms? Your brain has everything organized and so does every stimulus you experience, this happens to release some hormones.

When the water fills upto the brim, it starts spilling out and so does hormones, there’s an extent to which they can be taken into body but once their levels crosses the threshold, they start showing symptoms which might be increased heart beat, sweating, stammering etc for the time being and a more severe condition for the long term.

You can’t suppress your emotions even, there comes the role of therapeutic medicine for you.

Let it be examination funk or fear of appearing in public or from any stressful conditions. Homoeopathy is there to help you-

Aconite– The face itself is ‘tell-tale’. There is marked fear. Person is afraid to go out, to go into a crowd where there is any excitement or many people.

Gelsemium– Anticipation preparing for church, theatre, stage fright, nervous dread of appearing in public.

Anacardium– Sudden loss of memory, confused, forgetful, everything seems to be in a dream, lack of confidence.

Coca– Bashful, timid, ill at ease in society, likes to stay alone.

Argentum nit.- Apprehension when ready for church or opera, diarrhea sets in. Anxious, irritable, nervous, does everything in haste.

Ars alb- Anxious fear of death, there’s no desire for taking any medication for the sickness. Attacks of anxiety at night, driving individual out of bed at night.

The above given medicines are to be given under supervision.

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